PoultryMate App UI, UX, BRANDING
  • Type

    Uni Project

  • Timeframe

    4 weeks

  • Role

    Research, Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Branding

“...in Australia and NZ there are no binding laws that define what free range actually means… Factors such as access to an outdoor area, stocking density, beak trimming and pasture cover, for instance, are all up for interpretation.” — Maria Hannaford, The Free Range Controversy

For this brief, we worked with the fictional client EMOCA (The Ethical Meat Consumers Organisation of Australia). Using an app, EMOCA wanted to reach out to potential consumers to educate them on the choices they have when buying poultry products. Through user research, UI development and user testing, an app was developed with the primary goal of helping users make choices between different brands, as well as to help them locate alternative suppliers.

Screens featuring the search function, example of a product profile and the search filter

Browse and filter by your needs and your budget

From the research it was determined that as well as wanting to make ethical purchases, shoppers also wanted to find better value and had particular supplier preferences. The app would access deals advertised across various supermarket chains and have a filter allowing users to set their own price range, select stores and manually select what regulations they want the certifier to have.

Screens showing the Share, Compare, Prices and Certifier tab. The compare feature shows how selected products match up by price, regulations and prohibited mutilations

Share, Compare, View Prices & Certifier

PoultryMate empowers shoppers by collating all the information they’ll need to know including prices and details about the chicken’s free range supplier. By using the compare feature, shoppers can see different products’ prices, regulations and prohibited mutilations and make an informed purchase.

Barcode scanning feature and shopping list

Barcode Scan & Shopping List

Users will be able to use PoultryMate’s barcode scanning feature to quickly look up products in store. They will also be able to add those products and any other products they find on the PoultryMate app to their shopping list.