Melbourne Tourism Kiosk UI, UX, BRANDING
  • Type

    Uni Project

  • Timeframe

    4 weeks

  • Role

    Research, Wireframing, UI/UX Design, Branding

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." — Dr. Seuss

In this project I was required to design an interactive tourist map for a multi touch kiosk. Following the UX design process, I had to perform research and determine the target audiences and how they would use the kiosk. I identified that my target audience included foreign tourists who cannot speak English, people without cellular data and individuals with varying goals and motivations. Over the course of the project, I developed the UI and visual style of a system that would be both engaging and easy to use.

Various screens demonstrating the process of searching for and getting directions to a new destination.

Getting Directions

The Tourist Kiosks will be stationed across various points throughout the CBD and be a valuable resource to tourists without wi-fi. They will be able to search through a database of destinations and find key information such as ticket prices, opening times and contact details. After finding a destination they like, they can use the kiosk’s printer to print directions from their current destination to the new one.

Suggested, Featured and Related markers indicate destinations on the map that the Tourist Kiosk recommends

Suggested, Featured & Related Attractions

The travel kiosk will dynamically recommend destinations by getting live updates from Travel Journalism websites. It will also be able to tailor this content with the user’s current location and previous searches.

Store your information on cards with fun, collectable designs

Collectable Card Designs

Having an account with the tourist kiosk is optional, but to make full use of the kiosk’s ability to store user data they are encouraged to purchase a card with a collectable design. Cards remove the need for users to remember additional usernames and passwords while they are on holiday and double as a memento of their time in Melbourne. The cards feature a variety of event and location-exclusive designs so they are unique to the user's time in Melbourne.

Screens showing the interface's ability to be translated into different languages

Language Options

To make users across all language backgrounds feel welcome, there is no “default” language of the Melbourne Tourist Kiosk. The kiosk will cycle through different languages on its standby screen. If the user activates the kiosk when it is on a language that is not theirs, they will be given the option to change it into their own language.