MedEd: Doctor's Quest ILLUSTRATION, UI, UX
  • Client

    Monash University: Department of Medicine

  • Timeframe

    4 weeks for initial concept designs

  • Role

    Art and UI design

Being a doctor is hard. Whether avoiding minor mishaps or severe problems, giving the correct diagnosis is important. How can technology be used to address this problem?

While studying at Monash University I was asked to do the art and UI design for an app called "MedEd": a simulation where medical students could access realistic reports through virtual patients. The concept was introduced to me as a gamefied interface where the user could view patient case studies, examine them and run tests on them until they reached a diagnosis.

Various animations that could be used around the app and conceptual designs for rooms

Animations & Art Style

A simple art style was scoped out by a stakeholder for the ease of generating assets. The art style I had developed was a combination of pixel and vector style as a throwback to retro RPG games with a modern twist. Additionally, the stripped back art style meant that elements would be easy to recognise on smaller devices that the students might use such as smartphones.

Various UI screens

Simulating the doctor experience

As part of my role in the project, I was challenged to envision how I could use interface design to guide users through the process of diagnosis step-by-step. To inspire the stakeholders in the project, I employed a combination of illustration, buttons and 3D design to show how the use of modern technology could bring the educational content to its full potential.